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submarine design quest guide

i decided to get my submarine design today. Normally id use a existing guide to do so but to my surprise there werent any that showed exctly where to go in picture form.
(lrennes pigboat guide use to have pics but they're not visible anymore so it couldnt help me )

so i figured id take some pics of where i went and who i fought (lvls and elements included) to save everyone the trouble of searching.
i drew out all the directions on the mini maps in the pics below. No need to worry, they are in order so u can follow them exactly as they are.

i'll explain the collected fight data here:

FIGHT 1: Ninjas - they all spawn 3 times each. The fires and earths are lvl 87 and the water and wind are lvl 88. They all have 4000+ HP and DO NOT SEAL.

     Order:   1

FIGHT 2: Stronger Ninjas - everyone spawns 3 times cept the one at spot 6 (i didnt pay attention to who spawn what element though). The no element ninjas (the ones at space 5 & 6) are lvl 120. They dont seal at all

      Order:    1
                   2   5
               4    6

FIGHT 3: Sumo guys - lvls and hp are shown in the pics. They each spawn 3 times (each respawning the same element that had previously died in their place). They dont seal

       Order:       1

FIGHT 4 - More Ninjas - this fights spawns were all over the place. The Ninjas placed at # 5 and 7 do no spawn. Numbers 2, 7 and 8 spawn once, Numbers 4 and 6 spawn twice and the ninja thats in place 1 spawns 3 times. There are no seals in this fight and they all have the HP and lvls ive shown in the pictures (horribly written in red just to note)

        Order:    1    5
                    2    6
                  3    7
                4    8

b4 listing the final fight i should mention where it is since i didnt take any pics of my walk there. u leave the temple ur in and head outside. Then u go to the castle in town (the place where u need the guards disquise to get into. go to the 2nd floor and talk to the old man i have circled and this fight will begin. (u need to have the water hickey design b4 this fight can start so dont forget to grab it)
FIGHT 5 (the final fight )This fights pretty tame compared to the last one. The boss has the highest lvl, and doesnt spawn. His minions spawn 3 times each ( i have the spawn order, lvl and HP of everyone in the pics ) No seals. My elin was able to outspeed everyone but the wind spawn so they all can be outsped with at least 390 speed. (During my second time fighting.....yes i had to fight again because i lacked item space for the design) my clive outspeed every single enemy with 543 speed so if u have around that much u'll basically attack first in every fight during this quest. ***IMPORTANT NOTE**** have at least 1 open space for the design or risk doin the fight again like i did

        Order:         2
          (boss)1   3

Hope this guide helps and GL in ur fights

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nice guide but it think you should correct the title of you're guide