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[Game Issue] PEGASUS & UNICORN - fake? or real?

PEGASUS & UNICORN - fake? or real?

Okay, lately I got a bit confused with those rare IM pets.
Players should know that sometimes there are two kinds of pets, even if they seem to be the same, they are not.
Remember when the "Green Dragon" was sold in the Item Mall? People believed it would be the same as "Sky Dragon", the one you can win in the pets-game "Baby Dolls".
Though, they were not the same, the stats of the one players could buy in the IM have been way worse than the stats of the original "Sky Dragon".

Players should be informed that in this Anniversary Event 2011 it is the same about Pegasus.
The one Pegasus voucher that you can win from 7-colors-eggs and from the IM game is the real one, the pegasus with good stats, the one worth training.
The voucher is called "Holy Pegasus Voucher".

The one "lucky" players can currently get from the "2011 Anniversary Box" for 35 IM points is called "Pegasus Voucher". This Pegasus has bad stats and it's the fake-version of the real Holy Pegasus. I'm not quite sure of how many players are aware of that fact. The event Pegasus is nice for looks, but for looks only, not worth training, a snow wolf would have better starter stats.

Though, I'd like to know if anyone got information about Unicorn Card.
I know a few months back I've seen a conversation about "real" and "fake" unicorns.
Someone was saying that the one you get from 7-colors-egg is the unicorn with the good stats, but the one from Credit Mall is the FAKE version having bad starter stats.
Though, it's different from the Pegasus-case, because the vouchers look exactly the same, and they are called the same, too.
Does anyone have an idea about what is hidden inside of those oh so great "2011 Anniversary Packs"?
The real Unicorn? (worth training!) Or the fake Unicorn? (worth selling! -.-)

Having the Pegasus with bad stats in the Anniversary Box makes me believe the unicorn in this event isn't the good one either, which is kinda depressing because I won one,
and I wouldn't like it to be a cheap fake. ^^
If someone has some real good information about that for me, please let me know in this thread.
Thank you in advance.

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lol IGG the king/queens of rip off artists xD faking out the players and giving them crap rewards

also the pet Mahabram or W.E from the millionare event sucks after looking at the page showing its stats its stats are about 30+ ability points like the str/con/int/wis/agi LOWER then a shark

verry sad that a "strong"(ish)? boss at lv 200 would make such a crappy pet being much higher then sharks igg is just pathetic and none of the "event" pets are worth really looking into getting it seems


from bloodforce

said he got it from the event: http://forum.wl.igg.com/viewthre ... page%3D1&page=3

pic of 199 unicorn

seems pretty legit since you'll get the same starter stats as to when this lv199 uni is a lv 1

so we can say that the pegasus is the only fake?

but its true that long time from an event there was also a fake unicorn as reward

it's just annoying that IGG makes these stuffs, players do not only look for the appearances of pets but also the stats
its confusing to all of us and we play the detective part knowing which are the fake ones, holds true for the green dragon i think, when it was sold in IM, the stats are different and ofc we players are confused.

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I think player should pay more attention to details. The names are not the same " Pegasus and Holy Pegasus" That should tell there's a difference.

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i dont know what you mean by fake unicorn and real unicorn..
but for the pegasus 1 is holy has better stats and the other is just a pegasus so lower stats..


me and Tali just got a unicorn card from the drop event ill post its stats when we open it also


Someone posted a pic of the gift drop event unicorns status on wlodb:

With every day I play this game, the number of people who can kiss my ass increases.


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Thanks Blue, that is what I was looking for.
So we got the real unicorn, the one with the good stats same as the one from 7-colors-egg.
Thank you.


i also got unicorn from event, same stats 43agi


well who cares if its real or fake anyway it gives 26?? extra spd at most if you are a knight with a saddle? a snow wolf is easier to lethe and just as good so really no point in leveling anyway


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