[general chat] Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories

Ive gone off this game, I've played it for three years had my shares of laughs, innuendos and unfortunate arguments. The livesupport are the worst compared to other games I've ever played and I DC constantly AND i've spent quite enough money in in too, though this game had it's perks such as people and it's diverse gameplay. This game was a bit of a life stealer making me stay up to all hours doing gaming events and socialising, not productive when i have a job and boyfriend to uphold ^^; so it's one of the main reasons for leaving. Getting a 'Oi get off the game we're going out soon' LOl.

The pets were my favourites also, I hope yours all prosper nicely.
I will leave a message in my guild and friend's list when I sign on but alas I'm leaving now

Don't take my post too negatively, I was grateful for the experiences and friend's i made on this
And wouldn't have it any other way
If you want to keep contact then pm me on forums. I'll come in next week sometime and add you.

Thanks for everything you guys,



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It's always sad to lose another WL member.  But there is a bigger brighter world out there o.o God luck with everything ^^
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Well, just always take care~ Goodluck on your future and everything~!

PS: Drop by some time soon.


Another WLO Player leaving = (  ..,. RL is better than virtual after all
Good luck to you =)!!


Even though I don't know you much and you don't know me.. It's quite sad that another player is leaving
Good Luck with the choices you make in your life


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sad to see another  player go away  but i understand  im kinda getting there myself tired of spending $ and getting  no support  or good events unless u spend tons  im only staying cause of friends  but even now i only play few days a week  if i feel like it   so wish you the best  have fun