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[other] List of Wishing Coins rewards.

List of Wishing Coins rewards.

I was searching a list like that,but since I couldn't find,I thought to make one.
Gonna list what you can get from the wishing coins.

~ x1 Strange Peach
~ x1 Dark Chocolate (adds +1 amity to a pet)
~ x3 Recovery Potions
~ x2 devil's spar pieces
~ x1 5 leaves grass (double drops for 6 hours)
~ x1 3%exp bolus
~ x1 VIP Card
~ x20 Pork Bone Noodle (hp+800,sp+400)
~ x20 Boarded Voucher
~ x5% exp capsule
~ x1 Copper Amity Kelly
~ x1 Shot put
~ x1 Golden Key
~ x1 Repairing Potion
~ x1 3x Exp Pot
~ x1 Light Spar (+10)
~ x1 Alchemy book 4
~ x1 Alchemy book 3
~ x1 Alchemy book 2
~ x1 Alchemy book 1
~ x1 Strong Scroll
~ x50 Ice-Cream (Hp+100,Sp+100)

If someone got something else than those,then feel free to post it.

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Oh the wishing coin from IM huh which u drop it holy village water pool


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Yeap,that one. xD


i got strong scroll 2 times using that wishing coin
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x1 Repair Potion
x1 3X EXP Pot
x1 Light Spar [+10]
x1 Lottery Ticket
x1 Alchemy Book 2
x1 Alchemy Book 1
x1 Golden Key

Good luck with your list

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a strong scroll? O.o
most be rili rare
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nice job
i wonder why most im items have random stuffs, packs, coin, slots, eggs and some npc lol


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O.O SS?!?!?!

Awesome, I never knew you could get VIP cards from it!


Shotput? How depressing.

The other prizes seem terrific though.


wow list of rewards for wishing coin. this is something new
I only tried throwing the coin into the fountain once & my reward : pork noodles


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