Kelan Village:
1.Grandparent and Grandchild who are robbed
Target: The pirate in Lan's home in Kelan Village
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Defeat the pirates in battle in Xaolan's home to gain a reward.
Rewards: 2 Shale, 1 STAR
2.Pig's Nightmare
Target: The sleeping pig in Kelan Village's pigpen.
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Click on the sleeping pig to enter a game. If you beat the game, you will receive a reward.
Reward: 1 STAR

3.Become Reconciled
Target: Enter the house (427, 465) in Persia to initiate the quest
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Xao Tee accidently broke Xao Mee's favorite doll, so now Xao Mee doesn't want to talk to him any more. How can this problem be solved?  
Rewards: 1 3% Exp Bolus,  1 STAR
4.Shadow Intrigue
Target: Villager in Persian Hotel
Prerequisite: Both the Be Careful and Wanted Frederico quests must have been completed. Fred must be in your team.
Procedure: It's said that there is a couple that's been sealed in Barnya Sky City, go have a look.
Rewards: 1 3X Holy EXP Potion , 3 STARS

Fog Jungle:
5.Merlin's Test
Target: Merlin in the hall of Cornwall Palace
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Answer Merlin's questions.
Reward: 1 STAR

6.Great Navigator
Target: Philippine
Prerequisite: "Food Poisoned" quest must have been completed.
Rewards: 1 3% EXP Capsule, 3 STARS

North Island:
7.Story of the Hood GirlTarget: North Island – Little Red Riding Hood
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Slay the wolf attacking Lovely Hood Girl and her grandmother. After resolving the fight, speak with the Lovely Hood Girl to receive your reward.
Reward: 1 Grain Shoes (SPD+2), 1 STAR

South Island:
8.Sheep's Nightmare
Target: The Sleeping Sheep
Condition: None
Process: There is a dreaming sheep near the Shepherd Boy, activate it to start a game.
Reward: 1 5% EXP Capsule, 1 Star
9.The Mark of Going Home
Location: The bread on the Highland (2600, 1000) in South Island
Condition: None
Process: On the way to the Maka Peak you find a mysterious trail of bread. Who lost it and did they mean to?
Reward: 1 STAR, 3 Ship Voucher, 500 EXP

10.The dodge ball of Hawaii
Target: Girl
Condition: None
Process: Have a dodge ball competition with the Hawaiian villagers.
Reward: 1 STAR
11.Mysterious Icy Cave
Target: Ice House on the 1st floor at Shayii Hill
Prerequisite: Kanako must be in your team. "Brave Kanako," "Beast Odor" and "Most Cherished" quests must have been completed.
Tips: Investigate the Icy House.
Reward: 3 STARS, 1 5% EXP Capsule

South Pole:
12.Match Girl
Target: Match Girl
Condition: Needs to resolve[Please buy match!]
Process: You meet the Matchstick Girl again in the South Pole. She asks player to give her moneybag to her father. But when you come back, she has died from the cold...
Reward: 1 STAR

Stoowa Isle:
13.Protector of the Holy SpiritTarget: Stoowa Isle(3797,508)Activates instantly when click the stone gate.
Condition: Must take Stone Carving Key
Process: You discover Stoowa Isle and enter the Protector of the Holy Spirit's Underground Maze from an apparent gate. But you got into the Spirit Building by mistake, and you are now being attacked by the Protector of the Holy Spirit.
Reward: Obtain one of four weapons randomly, 3 STARS
14.Xaolan's FateTarget: Coordinates(3300,400) The talking Stone Carving
Condition: Xiao Lan is in the team
Process: You get to Stoowa Isle with Xaolan and open the third floor of the Secret path and to find a big spider with two small ones. After defeating them, Xiaolan will die.
Reward: 2 STARS

15.The Piper's snake flute
Target: Snake Charmer
Condition: None
Process: Player promises Piper to find his lost flute and sees a little boy being attacked by a group of snakes. The little boy gives the snake flute to player after he has been saved. And then player returns it to Piper and gets a reward.
Reward: 1 STAR, 1 Stone Ball

Holy Village:
Target: Holy Village's Cathedral
Condition: None
Process: In the Cathedral of Holy Village, several aboriginal people are caught for being  non-believers. The priest is thinking of a way to save them. He hopes you can get the key for the cellar from village leader...
Reward: 2 STARS, Jalor Design
17.Fish Food
Target: Turque from Holy Village
Condition: None
Process: Turque pleads with you to catch a pink earthworm for him, if you can he will teach you his ten-years of fishing experience.
Reward: Primary Fishing skill or 1 STAR

18.Beautiful Immortal Fox
Target: The Civilian's House Coordinates(522,635) Activates instantly when you get in.
Condition: None
Process: You see a white fox escaping from a house in a Fishing Village in China, and then accept Granny's task to get the fox back. You find traces of the fox and discover its tragic story finally.
Reward: 1 STAR
19.Houyi Incident
Target: The Civilian's House Coordinates(522,635)Activates instantly when get in
Condition: None
Process: You meet Houyi in the forests of China and help him shoot the harmful sun and get a reward.
Reward: 2 STARS
20. Who's the better hunter?Target: Hunter Coordinates(4300,4400)
Condition: None
Process: There is a hunter bragging about his archery skills, join the shooting match and beat him to gain the reward.
Reward: 1 STAR
21.Question and Answer
Location: Fishing Village in China
NPC: Mysterious old man in the Spring House
Condition: None
Process: There is mysterious old man who lives in the Spring House.  He loves to ask his visitors tricky questions. Are you ready for the challenge?
Reward: 1 Special Dumpling, 1 STAR

22.Brave Kanako
Target: Shayii Hill (Japan X: 8302 Y: 1635)
Condition: The Fairy's Revelation quest needs to be done first. Kanako must be with you
Process: 1. Kanako was hurt by wolves because she was trying to protect you. Go and collect the Stanch Grass (X: 3100 Y: 333) at 2F, Shayii Hill. Go to Kanako, beside the hot spring, and give her the Stanch Grass.
Rewards: 1 STAR, Kanako's Amity+8
23.Worry in the HeartTarget: Ti-tsang Lord
Condition: None
Process: Take Kanako to find the Ti-tsang Lord in Kyoto and activate the quest. Go to the house next to the Props Shop in Kyoto and click Yuta to do the quest.
Rewards: Choose 1, pay 10,000 gold, rewards: Kanako's Amity +6, 2 STARS
Choose 2, Kanako will pay, rewards: Kanako's Amity +2 , 1 STAR
24.Pray to the GodTarget: Ti-tsang Lord
Condition: None
Process: Click the Ti-tsang Lord(X:2562 Y:1295) in Japan 3 times, and a mystic old man will be appear. Talk with him and then go play a mini game. How to play: The angel will throw bombs and gold. Players who get 30 gold within 30 seconds will win. (Get 3 bombs and lose
Rewards: 1 STAR

25.Frog Prince      
Target: Frog      
Condition: None      
Process: In Oslya, you meet a frog who can speak. You have to pass all the traps in order to get to The Sibyl's house. After defeating Sibyl's pet, Sibyl tells you how to make the frog return to its original appearance. By giving it a sincere kiss...      
Reward: 1 STAR

Mayan Tribe:
26.Mayan Door Ball Competition
Target: Mayan Tribe-Fighter
Condition: None
Process: You activate the ball competition and will get a reward if you win.
Reward: 1 STAR
27.Mayan Tribe is RaidedTarget: Mayan Tribe-Guard
Condition: None
Process: After having a talk with the Mayan Guard(coordinates:X1362, Y335), you are attacked by wild boars,and defeat them!
Reward: 1 STAR
28.Don't Leave! Shasha!Target: Mayan Forest-Stone Door(Coordinates:X3700, Y3200)
Condition: None
Process: Shasha in the team and her friendship degree must be above 70.
Come to the Mayan Map and select a stone door. Find an ET while entering the trap. Shasha sacrifices herself to save you.
Reward: 3 STARS

Magellan's Fleet:
29.Magellan is in danger!
Target: Voyage Map(8869,10580)-Bosun of Magellan's fleet
Condition: Needs to resolve A Man in the Bar and Clive must in the team
Process: You meet Magellan at sea and knows Magellan has been kidnapped. Thus, you save him and Magellan joins the team.
Reward: 1 10% EXP Capsule, 1 STAR, Magellan joins the team

Water Monster:
30.Treasure Box of Water Monster
Location: Large-Intestine (2602, 1055)
NPC: Robinson
Condition: Water Monster
Process: You travel into the Water Monster’s belly where you meet up again with Robinson.  The last time you saw him he was on an isolated island after you suffered a shipwreck. What could be the matter? But more importantly what’s in the treasure box beside him?
Reward: 1 STAR

31.Mao and Xao Mo
Target: The Guard outside Bangkok
Prerequisite: None
Procedure: Go to the Wish Forest to find the big monster Mao.  Then help Mao to find Xao Mo in Bangkok.
Rewards: 2.5X Holy EXP Potion, 1 STAR

Condition: None
Process: Go to the Great Wall to receive a quest from the General. Click on the Question Mark in the Subway to destroy the Rebel Forces and then go back to the General to complete the quest.
The rebel forces:
Earth Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 750 HP
Fire Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 754 HP
Water Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 629 HP
Wind Rebel Forces: Level 70 and 740 HP
Rewards: 2 Undead Bird Feather, 1 STAR
33.The Scholar who went to Beijing for Exams
Location: Chang'an
NPC: The scholar on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
Condition: The quest Scholar's trouble must have first been completed.
Process: A scholar lost his four Treasures of Study on the way to Beijing. But, without them he is not allowed to enter the examination room. Can you help him to collect them?
Rewards: 1 Forgotten Scroll, 1 STAR, 500 EXP

34.The Lost Princess
Target: Inca
Condition: The quest Sibling Love must have been completed and Qlaya must be in your team.
Note: If the quest Sibling Love has been done but Qlaya is not your pet, you cannot activate this quest.
Process: There is one Qlaya's statue in the Incan palace, what does that mean? Qlaya is Bundrick's daughter? If you don't have the Hope Necklace, just click Bundrick again.
Rewards: 1 STAR, 1 Hope Necklace

Ghost Isle:
35.Mooter's Ambition
Target: Demon Island
Condition: The King Howert, Enjoy the View with Roca and Undeserved Roca must be completed already and both Roca and Fred must be part of the team. The quest will be activated once you enter Ghostdom.
Process: Fred and Roca want to persuade Mooter not to be evil anymore, but Mooter likes being evil and starts a fight with you and your pets. Roca will die in this fight.
Rewards: 1 Amber Earrings, 4 STARS

36.Shiny Item in the Sea
Target: Sea Channel
Condition: You must first have a submarine
Process: Just click on the shiny thing and make an active answer
Reward: 1 STAR

37.Adventure on Mars
Target: Mars
Condition: The quest I Want to Go Home should have first been completed. You should be on Mars and should also have a Airship.
Process: You'll meet the ET you met before in Egypt on Mars.
Rewards: 1 STAR, 10% EXP Capsule, Mars Aerolith

38.The Old Love Letter
Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: The villager in a house
Condition: None
Process: The villager placed the precious love letters from his wife in a sealed coffer but he has forgotten the password.  Due to the fact that he is unable to lay his hands on the letters to prove that he still cherishes them, his wife believes that he no longer loves her and has thrown them away. Can you help him?
Reward: 1 STAR, 3 Protective EXP Pill
39.The History of Yamataikoku
Location: Yamataikoku
NPC: Villager
Condition: None
Process: A villager in Yamataikoku wants to quiz you on the history of the village.
Reward: 1 STAR
Location: 2F of Officiant Palace in Yamataikoku
Condition: None
Process: You'll come across a Female Ninja in the middle of stealing something but she disappears as soon as she sees you. But when the, Lion General's treasure is stolen the spotlight of blame falls on you. You must find the Female Ninja to prove your innocence.
Reward: 1 STAR, 1 2X Holy EXP Potion
41.Cursed Power
Target: Hotel in Yamataikoku
Prerequisite: "Protect the Cursed Scroll" quest must have been completed.
Tips: In a hotel at Yamataikoku you will see Kurokawa and Hayate fighting. You join them, but in the end Hayate loses her life for saving you.
Reward: 2 STARS

Hanging Garden:
42.Innocent Angela
Location: Hanging Garden: X: 1322, Y: 195. The quest will be activated once you touch it.
Condition: The quest The Secrets of the Hanging Garden must have first been completed.  Also Angela must be a member of your team.
Process: The garden's beautiful views and enchanting fragrance makes Angela so happy.  It's almost as though she were home again...
Reward: 1 STAR, Angela's amity +8

Total of quests:42
Total of stars:58-60


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