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Doctor J's Lesson III - St. Joan

Doctor J's Lesson III - St. Joan

Hello, It's so good to see you again! Today, we're going to forgo the usual pleasantries and get right down to the nitty gritty and explain how to get the new human pet, St. Joan! If you're determined to add St. Joan to your group, you should know the journey is long and dangerous, but is totally worth it in the end!First of all, start by heading over to the new map of Domremy in France.

I used a Teleport Scroll to get through the Lost Jungle, this is the only way to reach Domremy in game.

If you don't have a scroll, you can go to Rome, and from there venture though to the Avignon Jungle. It's at the top left area of the map.


Move through the Avignon Jungle to reach the Gorge at the top right area of the map. You will then initiate the first quest.

When I reached the Gorge, I saw Joan was in the middle of a fight with some brutal bandits! I talked to Joan, and she told me they were some soldiers looking to rob the citizens of Domremy.

She also told me, she wanted to protect her home from these evil thieves!

To help her, I joined her team. (If you want to team up with other members, you can can only team up with 2 players, because Joan will join your team.)

In the end we defeated those bandits together.
After the fight, they told us they went to Domremy and robbed them because all the people in their town are hungry. As soldiers they were left with little option other than to put their military skills to good use as bandits to save their village. War has ravaged the kingdom of France, and villagers all over the land are starving. Joan said she went to visit the king, and hoped she would be able to command an army in a bid to rid the land of the invaders, and restore peace and prosperity to France.

When the soldiers heard that, they vowed to join her army and defend her and France to the death!

For my help, Joan gave me a 2% EXP Capsule and her thanks.
After that, they went back Avignon Jungle.

I followed them to Avignon Jungle, but there they discovered a big problem.

Like the villagers, they didn't have enough food!

Joan said she needed 50 quantity of French Bread.

I decided to help her get the bread.

After I handed over the French Bread, some enemies suddenly appeared! We found ourselves in another desperate fight.

After defeating them, Joan gave me a bottle of 3 Holy EXP Potion.
After that, we decided to move on to another town, Cornwall

Cornwall is in the Fog Jungle, which is at the top part of the Lost Jungle.

After going through the Lost Jungle, we reached Cornwall.

When we reached Cornwall, some people there were talking about something serious. I went to ask them what was going on and discovered there was a horrible tiger lurking in Fog Jungle! They needed my assistance, so I decided to help them.
Based on the information they provided, I went over to the cave where the tiger was hiding.

When I found the tiger, it was sleeping, I decided to take advantage of the situation and kill it while it was sleeping!

Unfortunately, it woke up before I could strike! This was going to be a real tough battle! Something told me that they didn't call it the "horrible" tiger for nothing...

I left the tiger when I thought it was dead, but it was just 'playing dead', and when I had reached the entrance to the cave on my way out, it attacked me from behind! Suddenly, at that moment, a knight appeared and helped me kill the terrible tiger. After talking with this charming knight, I learned he was one of the brave Knights of the Round Table, and his name was Lancelot. Lancelot left and gave a Knight's Badge to me, saying I was a brave and honest person.

Enamored with the handsome knight, imagine my surprise when I returned to Cornwell to see Joan and her fellow warriors fighting with him!

I joined in the fight to do what I could.

I helped Lancelot defeat the soldiers, and then Joan appeared. It seems it was a big misunderstanding.

After that, Lancelot gave me a Glaze Bag and a Forgotten Scroll for my help.
Continuing on my journey. I concluded I needed to return to Domremy.

When I was resting in the Hotel (X:1262, Y:1455), I heard something from the people gathered there. A knight had been imprisoned in the secret chamber behind the Church. I thought it must be Lancelot!

I decided to get to the bottom of it, so I went to the secret chamber behind the Church. (You must use a vehicle like a UFO or plane to reach the chamber.)

Then I saw Lancelot in jail!

To rescue Lancelot, I defeated the keepers there.
After rescuing Lancelot, I was headed back to the palace in Cornwell. Before talking with King Arthur, his secretary Merlin had some questions for me. After I answered the questions, I got a star!

After completing the question quest, Merlin hoped that I could venture to the Megalith Attack Area.

Along the way, I came across some soldiers who had caught a little boy. It seemed the evil priest wanted him be the sacrifice for some evil souls.

Fortunately, Merlin appeared in time to stop them. He said he had made an augury, and it spoke of a huge dragon imprisoned underground, but nothing about a sacrifice.

To prove the augury right and to save the little boy's life, I decided to find some clues. Before I left, Merlin gave me a Guiding Stone and told me I had to find the clue in the Megalith Attack Area.

I went to the Megalith Attack Area to find clues.

When I found the gate of the dragon cave, I was not allowed to go inside directly. Instead, I had to first pass a test.

This is an example of the test I faced. Tough, I know!
After finishing the test, I finally entered the cave. It was quite difficult to find the right way to go. I spent lots of time figuring out which ways not to go, but after a bit I discovered the way to the dragon!

I defeated the dragon, but it escaped!

I followed it and met up with Merlin. After a lengthy battle with the dragon, I finally felled it with a powerful blow. The priest then promised he wouldn't kill the little boy and gave me a 5% EXP Capsule as thanks!

Please remember that, after finishing this quest, you must talk with Merlin again, and then he will give you the Guarding Stone.
After rescuing the little boy, I went to Domremy, to visit Joan.

But when I reached the Domremy Hotel, the merchant told me Joan was in jail! He said, 'Joan is the one who provoked the war'! I knew this was impossible, but how could I prove it?

I went to Dorjas Jungle to find clues.

I finally found Joan! They were going to burn her at the stake!!!

At that moment, Lancelot appeared! He had come to rescue Joan!

Only after Lancelot appeared did we discover that the priest was the Dark Knight Kirk!!! He wanted to kill Joan and break the peace!

Kirk summoned 2 monsters, while I joined Lancelot. We were going to rescue Joan together!!!

When we defeated Kirk the first time, he did not die! It seemed he was immortal!!! We were in big trouble, but the Goddess Le Yana appeared! She helped us by eliminating the magic protecting Kirk, while we engaged in the final battle.

Kirk was finally killed and we rescued Joan!

After that, Joan said she wanted to join my team to fight all the other evil in the world! I agreed immediately!

I hope you enjoyed this tale of bravery! It was a long journey, and there were some times we all considered giving up, but in the end, it was all worth it! Welcome Joan!

The WLO Team
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nice detailed guide i wonderd how to get her thx


Nice! Favorited! That is a really LONG quest...


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so does this mean that after the 2nd fight with dragon you will get the guiding stone again from merlin before going back to domremy? cause the last time i did this quest, after the 2nd fight with the dragon i have to talk to the merchant outside the hotel of domremy first then go back to merlin at stonehenge before he gives me again the guiding stone


Thx for the detail guide
A lot of them seem to have problem opening the cellar
Now they should see this guideXD


"I spent lots of time figuring out which ways not to go"

rofl what a fun guide xDD
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wow, all that work and traveling and you only get... 7% exp caps, a 3x pot, a glaze bag, a star, a forgotten scroll, 15k exp, and a weak water melle pet...

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yeah lol im only going to do this until i get the forgotten scroll for my wind thats it
Not here or there


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still im going to do it for my near 199 chars though it looks like it will take a day x.x


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