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[Guide] Weekly Events

hello everyone,

today i'll put up some info to the events that you can weekly join, including time and rewards.
i will include pieces of my own experiences with the events as well as problematics with some of the events.
i hope this was not posted before...if so, then a mod may likely close / delete this thread.
im looking into including a few screenshots from some of the events, i can't add them now though, i have none available to give a good overview.

Monday: National Treasure (duration time: 2 hours; event place: welling village capitol)
Rewards: 1x magical egg, 1x big magical egg, random items from treasure boxes
this event is mainly about opening treasure boxes.

there are 5-6 rooms in which each you will face a lot of those boxes to open. the main clue about the event is, find a key in one of the boxes in order to progress into the next room. sounds easy so far, doesnt it? "fun" fact about it is, that in most cases, as soon as youre attemtping to open a box, you will face a bunch of monsters that you'll have to kill. (note: you HAVE to kill those monsters...if you are defeated by them, or youre running away, you will be automatically disqualified from the event and you can only restart it when you pay 1 registration voucher)
aside from monsters appearing in boxes, there will be very few treasure boxes in which you will find some other items like food or even registration vouchers in the later rooms. one key to find, (seemingly) endless boxes to open to actually find it...if youre lucky enough you can find the key immediately in the first box, but me and my friends had it often enough that we had to open any single box in order to get the **** key, so be prepared that the event might just take a little longer.
after you found all the keys in the rooms, you will be able to go into the last room where you will have to fight one last time, the bossfight.
this one surely isnt easy to do, alot of people i see fighting them tend to just getting spawned, so please bring a strong team / ask friends who did it meanwhile to help you out, since theres the same rule as before: fight and win, dont run or be defeated or you will be disqualified! you will have to do ALL rooms over again, and this can surely be tiring if you just had to open every single box before, right?

Wednesday / Saturday: Questions and Answers / Q&A (duration time: 30 minutes; event place: welling village capitol)
Rewards: rank 1-3: fun token, magical egg; all other participants: riddle paper and strange peaches

This little event gives you the chance to show and test your knowledge about several things.
this event takes place 2 times a week, once you joined it on wednesday already, you need to pay 1 registration voucher to join it on saturday as well.
you will have to answer questions within a specific time limit (10 seconds) in order to get a point.
if you dont know the answer or you cant put in the right answer in time, you wont get a point and people who answered it correctly and were 1 rank behind you might advance over you.
the ones with the most points win this event, there are 3 ranks to earn.
the questions have several topics they deal with, questions related to the game, general knowledge questions or math calculations.
a disadvantage about this event is, that the questions repeat in each event, so you could just memorize the correct answers...once happened its hard to "enthrone" people that are on the first few ranks, except they are doing a mistake and you dont.

Golden Compass (duration time: 30 minutes; event place: welling village capitol)
Rewards: ? (might just be the same rewards as Q&A)

Comparable to the Q&A event, in the Golden Compass activity you have to answer questions as well, with one difference:
instead of clicking a correct answer, you will have to move around on a 4-colored platform, from which each of those 4 stands for one possible answer.
of course you have to move to the right platform in time, dont really remember how much time you actually had to move around.
this might look easy for you to just cheat and get the correct answer by just following the other players to a platform, but believe me, it wont make you popular ;)

Friday: 15 Round Challenge (duration time: 2 hours; event place: welling village capitol)
Rewards: low rank food, strange peaches, 1x magical egg, 1x big magical egg, 3x holy potion, 4x holy potion, 2x 5% capsule, 1x 15% capsule

The probably most popular weekly event among the wlo players.
in this event you will have to succeed through 15 rounds by killing different monsters, the fights go from very easy to very hard.
the higher you succeed, the better rewards you will earn. the very first stages wont give you any rewards, after passing round 7 or 8 you will be rewarded for your fighting...and how could it be different, the higher you get, the harder the fights get as well, so be prepared to have strong teammembers with you.
the probably most diffcult stage for most players is round 14 where you will have to face a group of 8 martians, which hit quite hard and shoot you with lasers.
rumours say you need your team average speed at roughly ~400-450 speed...if you cant hit that, then be prepared to take a huge hit before you will be able to do anything to them.
the last round dealing with your old friends mr. scorpion king, ms. medusa, mr. anubis and the sphinx, is random first move, but you can always move first if your team hits a higher average speed, which i currently cant remember anymore.
after you passed all rounds, you will have 25% experience in capsules and a few more potions to continue your lvling, congratulations!

Saturday: PvP/BoB (Player vs. Player/Band of Brothers) (duration time: 2 hours; event place: welling village capitol)
Rewards: 3x big magical egg(1st place), 2x big magical egg(2nd place), 1x big magical egg(3rd place), 3x fugu hot pot & 3x strange peach for all participants with at least 1 victory

you ever wanted to kill your worst enemy in a "fair" fight? here you will get the chance to do so!
band of brothers is about PK, 2 groups of 4 players including pets will fight each other.
the winners of each fight will get 1 victory (shown above your head) and the defeated ones will lose one of their victories they gained before (if available).
this happy killing event will last for 2 hours and once the time is up, the system sorts out those with the most victories.
there are 3 ranks to earn, more than 1 person can earn a rank.
the player(s) with the most victories will become "The 1", the following player(s) with a bit less victories will become "The 2" and the player(s) after that will proudly represent "The 3". the people who got a rank like that will have it above their head for the following week until the next BoB event.
one disadvantage about the PvP event is, that the matching system isnt really working as properly as it should, sometimes you might face players that are way belo your lvl, and some other times you might face players who are far above your lvl, which makes fights unfair and uneven.
not to mention that there are phases where you might be the only one in your lvl range and you will have to wait forever to be matched to another team, meanwhile other players with lower levels will be matched and are able to gain victories, whereas you have to wait.

Sunday: Cursed Palace (duration time: 12 hours; event place: athens, biggest building at the back)
Rewards: high rank food, special weapon which is only available in CP: dragon wing spear (+atk), moon wand (+matk), shining bow (+atk +spd), double rings (+def +spd), twin rings (+spd)

This event might be comparable to the 15 round challenge, but would iGG name a version after an event if it was that easy?
you guessed right, its not that easy, its actually a LOT more difficult and time consuming than 15 rounds is.
the enemies have higher speed, higher HP, a higher lvl and theyre alot more numerous, be sure you have a good team in order to complete this event!
the cursed palace consists of 13 different rooms with 13 different battles, after you defeat the enemies in a fight, you can continue to the next room.
again, the first few fights wont get you any rewards, rewarding starts after passing a certain round.
tactic: im not good in giving tactics away, but you WILL need an earth supporting character with 900+ speed, since you will need stone wall on all characters on the later fights AND you need to have it casted before the enemies move, otherwise you might just get ripped apart. best thing is to have a water and earth above 900+ speed to assure best supporting on the team (this is what works best for me at least.)
most rounds are all based on the same thing: have you and your teammates stone walled and kill, this is basically about it...have a few black coffee with you to avoid annoying stuns (yes, sleep is the only stun that will be used in the more difficult aware there are more enemies using stuns, but those are used in early rounds where its not really needed to worry about it too much.).
a hint for the last fight: this one will be against athena. you will find yourself being thrown into a mess of all bosses from CP being put together in one fight, facing you. you wont see athena immediately, since she spawns after you defeat a certain happy it is like that, its most convenient to have her spawn LAST when all other enemies are dead alrdy, she hits VERY hard and moves before your 900+ teammates do (i dont know exactly what her spd is, might just be around 1k). she spawns out on the second spot from the top in the backrow, so its advisable to leave this spot alone until all the rest is killed.

Sunday: Trojan War (event duration: 2 hours; event place: castle in south island close to the beetle den)
Rewards: obtaining the castle = additional spawnpoint to the castle-gates; succesful defense the following weeks: additional training area, special quest in the castle, 5% capsule and brown devils spar (+8 attribute points)

another PK event...great, isnt it? slightly different from BoB though.
there are 3 stages you have to get through in order to obtain the castle:
1: the town-guardianship
2: the status of knight
3: the stone of protection
as soon as trojan war starts, click the townguard and you will find yourself immediately in a battle with 2 huge towers and 2 guards.
in order to succeed to the next round you only have to kill the towers, you dont nacessarily have to kill the guards too.
in the next round you will face a giant knight statue and another guard...same procedure here, you will only need to kill the statue in order to succeed to the next round.
youre finally in the adytum, the place of the stone of protection. we start the same game again, you will face the stone and a guard, all you have to do is destroy the stone. (NOTE: you will not always hit the stone, there is a miss-rate of ~80-85%, so you really need to wait for a lucky hit!)
aside from the missing on the stone and the fairly high HP of all you need to destroy, it sounds rather easy, doesnt it?
now ill introduce the defenders. the defenders are players from the guild who conquered the castle in the trojan war the week before (or even earlier), and their job is it now to keep you away from killing their defensive lines, meaning the towers, the statue and the stone.
defending the castle isnt easy, you will not be able to use a full team of 4 players on any of the fights since in any battle the defenders find themselves next to the towers or the statue or the stone, that means: towerfight = defenders can only use 2 characters to fight back, statue and stone fight = defenders can only use 3 characters to fight back. additionally they will lose a turn after they jump in, since the battle already started...this makes it even harder to hold back attacking players from destroying their defensive lines.
luckily iGG has made an update and implemented additional defensive items that defenders can craft in order to strengthen their lines. for more info, please read here: ... &extra=page%3D1

thats it for all the weekly events you can join in WLO. i know this guide is lacking some information like monster information, specific times etc., not to mention the lack of screenshots. i still hope some of you find it helpful and interesting to read, please contact me if you have additional infos to specific events that you want me to add.

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very well explained...
but i wish there are some pics to go with it so it would be fun to read

havent tried any of the event yet cause  most of it is early morning in my place-- around 3 am to 4 am -my time


3x fugu hot pot & 3x strange peach for all participants with at least 1 victory
Only if 1 victory is enough to get you into Top 10.


Q and A event can give fun tokens and mysterious eggs for the first 3