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[quest help] Quest Guide:Pet RB

Quest Guide:Pet RB

I adopted this from ED
It has full info on pet RB
I will like to share with u all here:Pet RB
For more info about pet RB click here
Read this be4 V6 is coming out for this

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too much scroll needed for fred (atk to int/con/wis) to washed out

when is v6 coming out?


Ooooh really good information thanks for sharing!
I think will take some time for new version to come out. Till it happens enjoy v5


Im guessing itll be out in April/May, they should at least be getting ready for it by then.


I saw that guide before as I am curious about pet RB, but after 1min I gave up reading
The thread is still bit unorganized with lots of edit not on the original post but with a "new" post somewhere.
The pictures are awesome though.  so hooray for pet RB.
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yes...verry nice...but there are some pets i wanna see and idk how


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Which pet u wanna see?


the rb of fred its a little hard in fight vs pluto maybe is  necessary use a potato

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i wanna see what louis looks like after RB

i couldn't a pic of him find him in the guide
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Becoz the pet rb isnt out yet
You will be able to view it when pet rb is out


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