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[other] Pandora's Box [Snow Island] Quest

Pandora's Box [Snow Island] Quest

OK, this is an old quest, i made it long time ago,
but i see that there is noone descripe it on?
Or i just can't find? It's an old Quest, and i dont really know in which version it appears?
3 or even 2?

We have to do Melhilis's Blessing quest (Goddes Skill)
(maybe other pre-quest is alse need but dont know which one)

On the Snow Island we are going to the 7th flor

(on the 5th flor we choose path from that screen)

(now just some walkie-talkie-and-thinking about whats going on stuff^^)

Next... we have 3 fights with snowmans

wind 67 / 672 | earth 68 / 635
water 68 / 662 | fire 66 / 641
water 68 / 662 | fire 66 / 641
wind 67 / 672 | earth 68 / 635

In the next room, we have to go to the "?" mark, where Medusa should be...

........X........ | fire 94 / 1038
earth 150 / 15000 | X
........X........ | wind 93 / 1023
earth 98 / 1018...| water 97 / 1050

After all we get reward:
1x Star, 15% EXP capsule

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ow the snowman's quest yah I did this quite cute mobs here


omg that quest was a bit boring was kinda low lvl when done it but still helpfull


i made this quest with my friends 3 times at last night and im lvl 65 fire


This quest is same as Elin gun quest (I done that quest before in 1hr and 30 mins) and less battles in Arez quest (because of 8 small ones and 4 boss battles). If your level is kinda low (not very low, at least lvl 30 and above), it is best to have a protecter and a reviver juz in case if you get killed. Freezing might abit of help (actually I pure-wisdom and I use quite alot of freezing after a friend cast the stone wall on me).
For lvl 30 to at least 40+ or 50,
High lvl fire with Hagendis Beating or Blaze beating
Lvl 50 plus Water with revival spell and recovery spell
And finally, a lvl 50 plus earth with stone wall and Tree Bind or Terrafication.


Thanks for the guide. We could get 1 more star and 15% capsule.


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oh yea
there's a quest related to this, once you guys did GS and this medusa quest. You should go to athens and go to a nearby shrine where's there a girl who used to pray a lot
In the shrine , you will find the girl being cornered by Dracula and Medusa,fight them
3 snakes, 3 bats , Dracula , Medusa(beware of terra).
After doing that quest, you will obtain a Sun Badge (quest prop)
The son badge is used for fighting minotaur in Crete island (Nearby Athens)


This quest is really easy and I haven't done it til now. I have to do it. Thx for the guide!


so i must do this q or get venus who can hlep me i am in cancer n my name is Gulce wm plz


this is one of my favourites quests for many reasons
one, involves medusa and i love her
two, rewards is really awsome for such a simle quest
three it can be done by anyone
and four it repeat the 1, 2 and 3 reasons

well nice job posting this

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