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[other] Counterattack [Rome] v5 Quest

Counterattack [Rome] v5 Quest

U have to finish Math Magic quest

Now just talk to a Math-Man...

Now is time to go to Persian palace... just go by right way

Small fight with 2 guards

Earth 103/15000
Water 103/15000

Now is a fun with keys and doors

Just go, take and open what is needed in right order:
(start from 1)

When u reach Leo, talk to him, and after cutscene fight will start...

<Earth 120/18950> -----<Wind 123/21500> -> (Earth 120/18950)
<Water 122/19500> -----<Fire 140/35000> -> (Fire 121/2000)
<Water 122/19500> -----<Wind 123/21500> -> (Earth 120/18950)
<Wind 123/21500> -----<Earth 120/18950> -> (water 122/19500)

After winning, Leo will go back to home (in Rome),
so u should go there for reward
3.5 Holy EXP Potion, 3x Protective EXP Pills
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where is this math magic? at rome too or persia?


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So we have to go from 1->2->3->4->5... etc all the way till the end right?

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In rome, somewhere I forgot which house it was since last I was in rome was the second day of v5 release.

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lol i cant find the answers to the mathematician


oh... sorry...

Math Magic, is in Mathematician (Rome) same guy, just quest befor

1) a
2) c
3) a

About other question.
yes, u have to go from 1-> 2- > 3... if pic is not cleary, msg, i will change it.


lolz tyz for answers was searching em for a long time


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yup,just follow the numbers ^^
and the last part,each soldier got debuff and do stun a lot ><
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so ok yah thanks @blp and keyo gotta do this


yeh! i needed more protection exp pill for ds lol
Good job!

Thanks For Clicking


you will need it also for js and much more fb lolz


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