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[pet] Magellan Death quest

Magellan Death quest

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Srry no pics i forgot to tak pics but heres wat u need
n just hav magellan only prequest be4 this is getting him
the 2 items below r for a new prequest im explainin now
10 roasted pork (cooked in kitchen range)
1 recovery potion
magellan in team
go to the Philippines (yes it is released just hard to land on)
the island is split in 3 pieces
lik this
circled is the area the prequest is

village but nothing is there

circles is area of henry's scarf u need to c it first be4 u can go in the closed cellar

prequest is were u need magellan out to help a native that is sick(recovery pot)
then he gets hungry(roasted pork)
then leave the island sail or fly out not spawn then magellan says something about that it his ship
n wants u to meet his friend henry when u on the ship no one is there
u say maybe they on the Philippine island
go out n land on the death point area n u c a cave if u went in be4 there is a locked cellar
on the pic with the circled area of henry's scarf
but be4 going in after u visit magellan's ship outside u will c henry's scarf
go in cave n the door will open

next walk down to the cells n u c them in a prison use the cebu stone natives gave u for helping them
its the key for the key hole on the side of the bars
red is the keyhole green is were henry is n blue is the natives there to atk u

after that 2 guards come out then fighting them

after u done then mor comes out and a high lv wind boss leading them
this is a medium/hard i use my wit earth rb but had about 350 spd so lik 400-500 spd is good
tak out the high lv wind first he only one that uses magic
then i had earth stone wall every1 n tak out waters first cuz they sleep
after waters dead its easy cuz the fire wind n earth can only use warrior atk skills no magic so forget them till u kill the wind mage n the waters they all spawn 2-3 times n theres only 3-4 waters
2 in beginning n 1-2 spawns

after beating them leave the cave n magellan will c henry being atked by your native friends from earlier
magellan jumps in gets stabed n starts to die native remembers him says srry lets u live
magellan says things to henry dies

u get 3 stars n i think 3%pill
n dont say this is a bad guide i had to solve it myself competely u do it if this doesnt help at all

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Nice thanks for the info, guess its one more pet Ill have to kill
Ill try to take screen shots when I do it.
Any other pre-quest? like Mag's amity to be higher than certain amount or anything like that ?


Finally, I can get rid off Magellan! Do you have any info for Elin's death quest? And Kanako's(I heard it could have been released too)
After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says "W.T.F." ...


hmmm, (Lapulapu?)


Omg not Magellan. ;-; Bleh, I'll just stay away from that quest &&I can keep him then. 8D


u can revive him i revived my lv 90 magellan n srry no info on elin n kanako srry o n plztell if the quest in room is fred death quest or just prequest


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not fred dead quest but you get 10% caps from it fred death quest is name pluto some thing.


I didn't fully understand it all - sorry but not a very detailed guide. where is the first quest???


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first quest is getting magellan.....
if that wat u not mean
the prequest to start the death quest is on the Philipines too like the death quest
thats were u need the items i told u earlier
n that this island is split in to 3 areas not 1
oneside with crabs n starfishes n a cave with a cellar in it
then a village thats 2 maps then 1 mor were the prequest is ill add pics today


yeah, could you add more pics please? like maybe of the actual battle, so we have a better understanding of how to take on the enemies?
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