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Space Craft Design Quest [complete]

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Space Craft Design Quest [complete]

Quest name: Luna's Gift
Requirements: Quest of the Unfolded Seal, Transports: Flying Vehicle,Steamship or a Raft
Reward: Space Craft Design

First we need to finish the Quest of Unfolded Seal to acquire the Luna's Key that will be used later on...to open a door in Luna's Gift quest...where is this key?!  
it's in Egypt!
so let's go to Egypt then! ..btw you can use ship vouchers to go to egypt
if you dont have steamship or a raft  

when you reached egypt make your way to the sailor
and use your transport vehicle and follow this direction
till you reach the next map..note:you can use little boat here

now..the time you reach this part..as you can see in the picture below..a scene will automatically activate..sorry i don't have picture of it..so..ill just describe it in words..a scorpion guy will show up..and will say stuffs about..his resurrection and blah blah blah  this is where the Quest of Unfolded Seal starts..
again..just follow the direction...touch the ground and walk a little till you reach a river

cross this river

when you hit the land walk till you reach the pyramid...
from here...you will need to use your flying vehicle..then fly on top of the pyramid
when you reached the top you'll see a door...go inside of it.

and go here..

now make your way to the ? mark

upon reaching the mark..you'll see a sphinx..a paper on the wall
and a torch...read the paper..and do what it says.

a stairway will pop out then go down.

go here.

step inside the circle.

and this guy pops out

talk a little...blah blah blah..and when lots of scorpions comes out?!
talking stops....he will hide and let you look for him  
you'll about to go into battle here..so if your not yet prepared..this is the right time to do it..
when your ready to fight choose this scorpion!! he's hiding here!!  

you'll fight four scorpions actually it's five..the other one will spawn from water scorpion.
if you wanna decrease the mob effectively leave the water scorpion untill fires and earth are down...
fire scorpion dictator lvl 145 hp 16850
fire scorpion lvl 120 hp 6000
water scorpion lvl 115 hp 5900 -->> wind scorpion lvl 125 hp 6500
earth scorpion lvl 110 hp 5870

after successfully defeating the scorpion dictator
you'll get a reward..nope..not the space craft design!!..but a Key..
this key..  ehehe..you also get a 5% exp capsule

this ends the Quest of Unfolded Seal  

After acquiring the Luna's Key we head straight to Mayan Tribe then do the Quest of Luna's Gift and finally receive the Space Craft Design! that we've been waiting for!  there are two ways to get there..1st is..by use of a transport (eg. little boat/steamship) 2nd is...you can go underground from Holy Village Church near the bellman..well that is..if you got the key lol no! not the Luna's key but a quest item named Key for Channel! ..if you dont....find it yourself it's easy c'mon! this underground tunnel let's you go to different places not just mayan tribe...go try the other passage way and see for yourself  

ok...once inside the underground passageway
go here..

then fight your way out through the tunnel  and Viola!
you'll find yourself in the Mayan Forest

now...walk your way to the top right of the map..and when your there...use a plane or any flying vehicle..

and look for this door...after locating it..get off the plane..and go inside.
note: You cannot reach this door without a flying vehicle bcoz it's blocked by trees   

once underground..go here..

from this map you'll notice a ? mark..go to it..

you'll find a door here..click it and a scene will activate lolz..dont forget to bring the Luna's key here once open go inside.

inside this room you'll see a broken space craft click it but before doing that prepare yourself for another battle. don't worry it's just an easy battle

you'll fight four guards
earth guard lvl 95 hp 8000
water guard lvl 95 hp 8000
fire guard lvl 95 hp 8500
wind guard lvl 95 hp 8500

and after a successful battle you'll finally get this!!!


Thanks for viewing enjoy making your space craft
Thank you very much to Zoe for helping me through out the quest   your awesome!!

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