[other] 14% crit weapon from quest

14% crit weapon from quest

Crit weapons can be obtained from quests? Yes.


3 magnets
1 magnet stone
landing craft
and lots of food


Go to egypt talk to the walking villager right next to entrance. He will tell you about the stranger that never eats and never sleeps.

Now go look for that guy. You will see him at the forest. When you find him, you will have to fight two martians. This will be easy if youre level 70+. now go back to villager. you will be rewarded with 5%exp capsule for pet and 1 star. (im not sure)

Go to desert . You can go there by using boat or any vehicle. You will see a "?" question mark on the lower right corner of the map. Go there, talk to the martian and give him 1 magnet stone and 3 magnets. Reward: baked potato, forgotten scroll

Go to Mars!! You will see no "?". But if you look around you will see a shell-like rock. click on it. and you will fight with 4 martians with 700+hp. there are 2 or 3 of them. Reward: Mars Aerolith, 15% exp, star

Let's go back to egypt!! Remember the tower right at the center of town? Go there and click on the keyhole. It will open a door.
(if not, you must have not done the acrobat quest. Finish this one too.)

Go inside. You will not find a "?". But at the very end there is a puzzle you need to solve. (Easy!) After you have solved the puzzle, enter the door. You will see TutahnKhamen. Talk to him. You will have to fight 4 mummies (42k hp) and 4 scorpions (15k hp). All mummies will respawn with mummies too (1k+ hp). All scorpions will respawn twice, guardian (31k hp) then scorpions again (1k+ hp).


goodluck and have fun!

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Very interesting! I never knew there is a door within the tower. Very good guide!


I have heard that there is a tresure box in there that has a 5x potion in it, is it true?
Saichi#% lvl 8x mage


Thx for teh info on that i should do that quest but that looks hard


if i not wrong scorpian 3nd from top of front line no spawn

and this is info for spawn monster...not sure maybe i wrong remember
8 in first timme 4 mummie 4 scorpian

front line scorpian(15500hp) *spawn to-> earth stranger(31000hp) *spawn to ->earth scorpian(1136hp)
2nd.water scorpian(15500hp) *spawn to ->water stranger(31000hp) *spawn to ->water scorpian(1136hp) scorpian *no spawn(15500hp)
bottom.wind scorpian(15500hp) *spawn to ->wind stranger(31000hp) *spawn to ->wind scorpian(1136hp)

back line mumie(42k hp) *spawn to ->earth mummie(1k+ hp)
2nd.water mummie(42k hp) *spawn to ->fire mumie(1k+ hp) mummie(42k hp) *spawn to ->water mummie(1k+ hp)
bottom.wind mummie(42k hp) *spawn to ->wind mummie(1k+ hp)

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Reply 5# lrenne's post

Very useful information. Sometimes, attacking the non-spawn ones really turn the battle into a cakewalk. Thanks a lot. I'll bookmark this page for when i do this quest.


WOWWW Thanks for this info!! IM so geetting the MATK weapon for my alts!!!  XD!!

  BTW you can choose the weapon you want to get at the end or is it random?
  Also.. can it be traded?

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Yes. You can choose which weapon you want to obtain...

@ Irenne.... all scorpions respawn, according to their elements.
i will try to post a pic of the respawns later when i do this with my alt.

@lolseanlol.... Yes there is a treasure box on the upper left corner of the room where TutanhKhamen is.
But its a 2.5 potion.

@vampiredaray5 .... no they are not tradeable.


There must be 2 fire, 1 water, 1 earth in team. (If you have back-ups much better)
Attack the mummies first, because they will only respawn once and with only 1k hp.
Use baked potato on the fire mummy first. It has 'hotfire' attack. To avoid getting overkilled.
And having fire mages are very useful. Especially when earth mummy casts stone wall.

The water in team should only use 'sleep' and 'shrink' on the target. earth should always put 'stone wall' on his party. because scorpions have physical attack. The two fire will attack in this order: wind mummy, fire mummy, water mummy, earth mummy.

Once you defeated all the mummies, the scorpions and its respawns will be easy.

Oh btw, the earth mummy has 'terrafication' and 'wall', fire mummy has 'hotfire' (i was not able to find out if it has 'mess' cuz we used baked potato on first turn), water mummy has 'sleep', and wind mummy has 'coma spell'.

And it has time limit. Once started, you have to finish it in 2.5 hours.

have fun!

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So this means -- im gonna have to suck the sp out of them First  O.o hum ok!! my wind will take care of that..  then it will be like killing the last 5 freds of fred quest  .. 30 minutes at most!  muehe  


If your hp is 3k+
and spd is 500+
you can do without back up, i mean if you have 1 water 1 earth 2 fire.
if your spd 500+ you can move first than enemies except wind mummy
i'm saving baked potato to do DS