[pet] Eva's Quest Guide

Eva's Quest Guide

This time I bring you a small but helpful guide to get your little devil pet Eva.
Enjoy reading and use it wisely in the future. I will divide the quest in 2 main parts.

Requirements: To finish Charlotte’s quest.
Items required: The Magic Key (Quest prop) from Angkor, a vehicle to travel to Inca.
Rewards: Eva will join your team.

First part
Make sure you have the Magic Key and one pet slot available before you start. If you are ready, travel to Inca with the help of this map.
Route marked in red is from South Island to Revival Isle, and then to Inca.
Route marked in green is from North Island to Inca.

After you arrive there, go to the cave entrance that I marked on the picture and go in.

Once inside, follow this path until you come to a locked door with a paper next to it.

Read the paper and click the door, the Magic Key will disappear and you will enter the room of the evil altar.

Second part
Go to the bottom of the room and you will see a red star on the floor, a jar and a paper next to it, read the paper and click the jar (If you didn’t finish Charlotte’s quest, nothing will happen if you click the jar).

Eva will appear and ask you to join the demons and travel to the underworld (Nice offer!), but you are hard to convince and refuse to go, so you will start a fight with Eva and her legions.
Eva (32480 Hp) and around 15 Immortal Mummies (5350 Hp each) of all elements.

Tip: Kill the mummies in an appropriate order until you have 4 Water Immortal Mummies and Eva together, this will allow you to kill Eva a lot easier without having to worry about the debuffs of the other element mummies, as the Water mummies use healing skills instead of debuffs.
After you defeat all of them, Eva will still want to convince you, so she will join your team and follow you from now on.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your new companion!

Also read my Charlotte's Quest Guide here

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Wow thanks for that!!!


nice guide i can actually understand this one lol


thx for the guide do u mind post the charlotte quest too


nice job! I love the guide and if it's possible you should post Angela and Charlotte guide too, there is one already but it's hard to understand since it's translated from another language (not sure which one )

Only one thing, I've heard that it's better to kill Eva first cause she uses "Mess Spell" so if you have a Killer in your team that has goddess on it's really bad for you if this person hits you


Added the link to my Charlotte's Quest guide.
I actually made that guide before this one, sorry that I didn't post it.

And about who to kill first, Eva or the mummies, I don't know. I don't know any level 100 Killer yet, but now that you mention it... it would be terrible if he gets messed.
But even without Eva, Fire mummies do the mess skill too, so it relies on you, who to kill first.
The tip I writed is considering the Earth and Wind mummie's super annoying Coma skill and Terrafication, and the Fire mummie's Mess skill.
Just fight as you like.

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i Earth gsed Eva immediatly lol when i did mine and she still murdered me lol


Thank you for posting this! ^^ It's really helpful! i need someone to help me with the battles though....
By the way, are you going to make a guide about Angela's Quest? It would be really helpful!

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You really are a great guide maker Helado! Thanks for this!

Now I am waiting for your Angela's Guide!


Thanks so much for the guide. Eva is soooo adorable! I LOVE HER! D

I will get her soon (hopefully)