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Good day WLO peoples since nobody posting about how to get Magellan in details and too many peoples asking me xwx I decided to give you all the guide of how to get Magellan in this topic.

Before you activate this quest, you need to solved Xaolan's quest first at kelan village XD then follow the instructions below :

First step to activate the quest :

A Man in the Bar
Target: A Man on the 2F of Bar in Holy Village

Condition: None
Process: Defeat Drunk Man in the Bar and save Ferdinand.
Reward: King Certification [important : you need this king certificate to board on Magellan's fleet]

Second step : Get Clive

Clive (You need to have completed the Avenging Pirate quest) [*copied from WLO]
Toobtain Clive as a human pet, you must first reach the beach nearPirates Den in South Island by boat. After entering the den, you willneed to fight the two guards (start the fight by clicking on them).
In the first round, you will meet four pirates with earth, water, fire and wind attributes (HP:700+)
If you win the first fight, you can proceed further and open one of the chests. Then the second round of fighting will begin.
Inthe second round you will face two enemies - one is a Level 85 Piratewith no attribute, the other is a Level 90 Pirate with the windattribute. After successfully defeating them, Clive will join your team.

Third step :  Sail to Magellan's Fleet

Bring the King Certificate with you and Clive must be in team to activate the Quest.
Get ready to fight the 3 seaman (Magellan's crew)
For lower level, you need to have at least one water support because the Magellan's crew attack will be painfull for you.

Fourth Step : Go to Pirate Den

When getting Clive, you will go to the Left side. But for Getting magellan inside the pirate den 1F go to the right side like shown in the picture below :

Clive must be in team to talk with the pirate for your access to Enter

>w> uhh my clive was dead XD yeah RyuuGi is a poorboy I wish I have a lotz of GOLD like GM   <O< out of topic but Keep reading the instructions.

After you enter inside the place you will need to fight those lvl 80++ Pirates on your way till you reach the Pirate ship like shown in the below picture


Inside the ship, get  into the Cabin and use Clive again to talk with the 2 pirate Guards then you will be able to get inside the room where they keep Magellan.

Clive must be in team to activate the fight but you can switch him with your other pet for fight once you enter the fight.

Once the battle finish, go up to the upper deck to get ready getting your Magellan and make sure to have 1 slot for him XD

Only 3 person in team including the questor and GO GO GO KILL

That's all folks and Good luck on Getting your Magellan

Kindly excuse any grammar errors

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Is Magellan a really good pet to have, or is he just so-so?  I'm just wondering if I should get him or not before I have to kill off Clive when I (eventually) do the Fred quest.


magelan is not a really good pet, i got him...but not satisfied ... ..atleast i was happy that is got a star and an exp capsule ..but since is a human pet i really wanted to get him..i want all human pets and after to do their death quest (i mean the weak ones ^^


Oh yeah!  I should atleast do his quest for the star and the exp capsule then!  


lol thankies for the guide


How much HP and what lvls are the monster and do you get anything else except magellan like exp capsules or anything 'cause if not, I won't bother to get him


  I think a star and a 10% capsule, for mobs HP it's around 1 k and they do spawn once or twice for each
>w> I forgot

and actually
  I dismissed him   coz I dun use him at all since he is jux rotted there

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wow thanks


  you are welcome man   But a quest still a QUEST   no matter what we have to do it coz it's related to each others


sick guide dude ur awesome!!1


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