[Event report] Guild Instance

Guild Instance

Guild Instance

When the first instances came out, every one was quite excited. Instances are great opportunities to get new WLO friends and test your strength. Well, we heard rumors about a guild instance too at that time, and finally, in version 5, we got it.

Firstly, when we looked at the instance information, we just laughed at it.  Level requirement is only 50.

As part of his evil plan to get his lover back and raise a mummy army, the Priest has captured the King and is preparing to exchange the King's heart for his lover's soul.
If you don't kill all the Mummies and the Priest immediately, the King will die!

Required Level: 50
Required Number: 12
Time: 25 minutes
How to win: Defeat all the Mummies and the Priest.


A lot of players tried to beat the mummies, but most of them failed. But why? The enemies are level 100+ with very height speed, and great seal skills. So what? You will need a strong guild in order to win the challenge.

The newbie players were very upset. They didn't understand why they couldn't win with level 70 chars. They were just crying on World Channel.

"Stupid instance...It's level 50 one, why is it so haard?'

Well, just to clear up the things, the instance is level 50, because the developers wanted to give a chance to most of the guilds. A lot of them haven't got 12 150+ players and Re-birthed ones. If the level requirement is low, then all can join. They just fail, but that's  incidental.

My guild the RomeoXJuliet tried it too, but we failed. We very kinda disappointed, but we decided to delay the instance. Well, not a long time ago, we tried to beat the enemies and guess what?! We won and  we got the whole Aurora sets for most of us.

Only patience and good strategy is needed to be successful in Egypt Fate Palace. Our instance team is improving. We need less and less time to win. Firstly 3 minutes left, then 4 then five... Special thanks to exilia and pakize, who made our strategy, and controlled the battles. Without them, we couldn't get our sets. But everyone had a big part in the battle.

Well, maybe the sets are not the pretties equipments in the game, but their effect is powerful!

They help you make more damage to the weaker element than you are and gives you -50% of the stronger element's attack.

There are always some players, who can't understand that they can't join with level 50+ character. Anyway, we managed to win, so please take a look at our screenies:

Have YOU ever tried this challenge? Did you win it? Did you like it?
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i like/did it once succesfully in SK (aries)  but i havent done it again since then


yes. done it a couple of times. it's very easy if you have good anti seal equipments or a knight with JS. the problem of this instance isn't the monsters' level, but their annoyingly good ability to seal, especially against warriors.


i remember doing this instance with my former guild, a few times without knight, a few times with knight, both worked okay, of course with a knight it was completed in no time, but then again i could understand that its difficult for guilds with not so high RB chars / no RBs at all, so its always nice to see people winning this instance with a, lets say, not so perfect team for it.
i personally really like the earth aurora set (on girls), the wind aurora clothes and the fire aurora wand...all ive gotten while doing the instance was mostly gloves, boots or headgear, once i got the fire wand, but on a killer ~_~
since i wont use the equips anyways + seeing my "good" luck getting the things i wanted, i just stopped trying.


Nice article.

We have done this instance a handful of times and in regards to other instances it is definitely the most challenging of any. I'm not really big on instance (only do ones for pots/bolus now), and although the equips can be helpful in some situations I never do this instance other than the few random times when it came out.

To make this much easier though all you need is a certain team. 1 knight fast enough to throw js, 1 water to sleep, 1 wit to blaze, and 1 hf bitch to keep the wit hfed. That team can pick apart this instance pretty easily and it looks like that's pretty much how you run it by your pics aside from the knight.

Good luck to everyone with this instance.
"Born with a king's heart,
but fate fooled me and changed my cards"
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nice article

personally though i really don't like this instance.. only do it when my guild mates ask for it to be done and sumtimes i just flat out say no lol. i'm not into the element pieces. i have a set but it just doesnt fancy me..

anywho gl to those who do try it out.