[other] [mini-guide] Strange Peach rewards

[mini-guide] Strange Peach rewards

Guide completed thanks to Sarin, who provided reward info.
Strange Peach is a "box" item, that upon opening can give you wide variety of items. Each Strange Peach can give you only one type of item (with fixed amounts e.a. there will always be 2 pieces of Pure Iron Fillet or 30 pieces of Millet Wine and so on). This means you can't get two different items from one Strange Peach.
If you'll open Strange Peach it will automatically disappear, and you'll be rewarded with one of the following items:

----------------------------STRANGE PEACH REWARDS-------------------------------

1x 5% Exp Capsule (+5% exp)
1x Love Picnic Lunch (+8 amity)
1x Love Bouquets (+6 amity)
1x Undead Bird Feather (revives, +1 HP)
1x Fun Token (for IM games)
1x Iron Ball (-40 SPD)
1x Shot Put (-30 SPD)
1x Stone Ball (-20 SPD)
1x Bullion (Gold rank 14)
2x Pure Iron Fillet (Pure Iron rank 7)
3x Detoxification Potion (cures poison)
5x Poisonous Potion (inflicts poison)
20x Fruit Crepe (+100 HP, +150 SP)
20x Meatballs (+230 HP, +20 SP)
30x Millet Wine (+100 SP)


----------------------------WHERE TO GET-------------------------------

"Mali's Attack" instance. [1pcs]
"Dark Flamen Den" instance. [??pcs]
Friday "15 Round Challenge" activity. Welling Village, North Island.
?x Strange Peach after passing the 7th round
?x Strange Peach after passing the 8th round
?x Strange Peach after passing the 9th round
?x Strange Peach after passing the 10th round
?x Strange Peach after passing the 11th round
Saturday "Band of Brothers" activity. Welling Village, North Island.
1st place: ?x Strange Peaches
2st place: ?x Strange Peaches
3st place: ?x Strange Peaches
4st place: ?x Strange Peaches
5st place: ?x Strange Peaches
6st place: ?x Strange Peaches
7st place: ?x Strange Peaches
8st place: ?x Strange Peaches
9st place: ?x Strange Peaches
10st place: ?x Strange Peaches



Strange Peaches are so far the only source for Iron Balls. These are the best low level free "weight" item used for bursting.
Use up Fun Tokens in the IM games. Even if you'll lose you'll get Lottery Tickets wich you can trade for some good items in Carnie.

----------------------------Other "box" items-------------------------------

Big Magical Egg guide:
Magical Egg guide:
Sweets Pack guide:
Riddle Papers guide:
I'm not sure if these are the only sources of Strange Peaches. If you know of any, that is not listed, or you know exact amounts, please post below.
There might be rewards missing.

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You can get ice-cream too, but forgot how many quantities.


nice guide. I love the caps


wah? i throw the strange ive got in 15rc,i thought it was useless


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Omg, you get 5% capsules from those not to mention sellable foods, why would you do that? Looool


Thanks for making the guide ...I didn`t knew all those things..and I didn`t even knew how to use my fun again TY
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nice guide to bad ive gotten low items from it so far but hopefully get more from it   here is one guide for the wishing coins that you buy in IM ... page%3D1&page=1


Nice Guide