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[suggestion] New storage systems, plz!!!

Wow, poster above me is raaaaaaaaaandom.
Anyway, about the storage, I think we should have wood storage, sometimes I make alts just for wood! xD (Then I forget the passwords and i have to get new email lol ) Wonder what it will be called? I think there's a term for wood storage room in real life. YES, Wine Cellar is awesome! What will it look like though?
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How a Wine Barrel / Cellar looks like

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I guess I'd call something that stores my wood a "Shack" or "Wood Shack", for instance.

The Wine Cellar would look like one of those huge barrels you get to see in some distilleries.
Most Wines and Whiskies are kept in wooden barrels but there are metallic ones, too. I personally
favor the wooden ones because they give off some of their natural aroma to the liquids...

Here is a picture to further visualise how I imagine
the wine cellar in question looks like:

Hope you like the looks of it because I really do but
that could just be me after all...

Image found via Google Pictures with "Weinkeller" as search term.

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want t oknow what i really need more stoarage space for my pets and  cars


I really donno how much storage only can satisfy u all
mayb from 50 to 100?


Maybe if just wardrobes could handle 10 items and cabinets could handle 20, it wouldn't be this bad. If you start manufacturing a lot, storage becomes a big issue. Even if I always try to keep no more than a stack of every kind of item, in order to save place, I waste too much time just trying to organize things.

But the biggest problem is garage and pet storage - garage should be able to hold at least 3 or 4 vehicles - to have one of each kind. But I've read that in v6 will be a "pill" that encapsulates a vehicle so it will take just 1 slot in inventory - this would be a perfect solultion. As for pets - the space should be double as it is - I'd like to get at least half of available human pets and a few beast pets, so 4 active slots + 6 places in beds + 8 places in bank is far too little.
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yea awsome idea but they dont even have to put much effort into it really all they need to do is let us have 2 storage units in tent  or more cabinets  thats got to be very easy i believe  it might b 5 min work to edit the server file  if its like other sql  based server systems


Sorry, I dont agree. This game is already a cake walk. As for the inventory system, its really huge. It dosnt need changing.


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