[manufature/crafting] [Guide] How to make a Defence Saddle.

[Guide] How to make a Defence Saddle.

I've read a few threads about the Defence Saddle but there wasn't a guide on how to make one, so I thought I'll make one and here it is.

You make a Defence Saddle with the Training Platform and you need:

3 x Steel
3 x Big Linen Cloth
2 x Bronze Material
12 x Rivet

Now I'll tell you what materials and equipments you need to make all those things. Let's begin with Steel, which is made from the Hot Kiln.
For 1x Steel you need: 3 x Iron Material (made of Firewood and Iron Ore with the Melting Furnace) ; 4 x Firewood ; 2 x Charcoal (made of Firewood with Low-T. Kiln)

Next one would be 12 x Rivet. (Keep in mind that you can make 6 Rivets in one go!) Rivetx6 is made from the Grinding Equipment.
For 6 x Rivet you need: 1 x Firewood ; 1 x Wire (made of Firewood and Iron Ore with the Melting Furnace)

Then 3 x Big Linen Cloth which is made from Needle.
For 1 x Big Linen Cloth you need: 3 x Beast Fur ; 2 x Cotton Cloth (made of Cotton Thread which is made of Cotton with the Loom) ; 1 x Linen Carpet (made of Linen Thread which is made of Harl Grass with Auto Loom)

Now the last one: 2 x Bronze Material, made with Hot Kiln.
For 1 x Bronze Material you need: 1 x Copper Ore, 2 x Firewood, 1 x Tin Ore.

That's all you need to make your Defence Saddle. I hope my guide wasn't too confusing and helped at least one person. Bye!

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Yes, your guide is helpful. ^^



Really nice guide. Thank you for it!
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Nice guide. Was wondering how to do it

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Thanks for the guide! This makes it much easier. ^^

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