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Fishing Items and Tips


I have gotten
Energy crystal
Huge Hand
Dinosaur Bone
wost types of wood, food item(like apples), Furs (all kinds of fur)
What is the highest fishing level?


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Life skills (Alchemy, fishing, collecting, etc) cap at level 30.


Ive been Fishing all over the world and diferent places give you different items.
mostly what you will get is what the nearest Props shop keeper will buy. For instance the shopkeeper in Egypt will not accept items fished up on the Dock in Holly. Its odd but a good idea of what you can get where.
and the Higher in fishing level you go the better stuff you get  
and the Shopkeeper on Universial island will take nothing that is not Electric equipment related
I also get a TUN of beast fur at Troll Cave Beach
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Using the luxury rod, I got:

1. Silicon (6)
2. Honeycomb (2)
3. Milk (10)

I know I've gotten more, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

BTW, I was fishing at the beach just outside the cave that leads to South Island.

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Sibecromwell asked what is the highest fishing level?

I am currently on Level 12 at 57.67%, i am only fishing with a Great Fishing tool, as i need some items to get the better fishing rod.  

I hope i can get these by leaving my character to fish all night.
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aluminum block

do u get aluminum block from fishing at starter beach ?


were do u get aluminum block ? by fishing, collecting how and were do u get aluminum block from plz help me out plz i am going out of my mind here plz i begg of u


I am told by some people that they have fished up things like alchemy books   but I have never managed to get one, and I like to fish lol xD

Also I have never had higher than rank 10 item, but my highest fishing level was 15

Saying that, I did manage to get over a stack of all kinds of alums (ores, sands etc) some steel, titanim, sulfurs, white silvery, grey clay, lv10 compounding mats (furs woods grass) and lots of other nice things

I think the best thing though is to have a fishing alt. That way you can just leave them fishing while you do all the hard work xD
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