[others] how to make tent bigger?

how to make tent bigger?

who do i see and i already have title deed. please help. thanks.


to make it bigger you have to have title deed, which you have already and stars, I don't remember how many though ^^; I did it long time ago xD

Then you have to go to the official in Holy. You will find them next to the props keeper ^^
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I'll give u a full answer.

To make ur tent bigger, You need to obtain 5stars and a title deed, which you have to do a quest for it.

For the title deed quest, you activate it by talking to the Shepard boy in the farmhouse in South Island (After troll cave go up and left). After activate the quest, go to Holy village, go to Holy villege leader's house (the right portal), he is upstair, talk to him and he'll say he'll send villager to help the boy. Come back to the Shepard boy and fight a lv30 wolf. After you beat it, you will obtain a title deed as reward.

Bring the Title deed and 5stars to Official in Holy Village - the Official is a NPC in the 1st Floor of Holy Village Activity Center. Talk to the NPC and your tent will be enlarge. (U lose 5stars and the title deed in exchange for the enlargement of ur tent)

The End