[Event report] Trojan War - Honor for the King

Trojan War - Honor for the King

Have you ever dreamed of gaining glory and fame with your guildmates? To be well known on the entire server and beyond? Have you ever thought that your guild could be one of the most sought after guilds? That people would rush to join it and would have to be put on waiting lists or severely tested before they are allowed to join? Did you ever imagine how it would be for other players to panic when your guild attacks their castle? All this can become reality for the guilds who participate in the Trojan War.

Participating in the Trojan War is easy. All you need to do is have a guild. Winning the War, however, is far from easy. It's not a matter of "strong guild comes - castle goes boom". It is much more complex than that. It is a matter of capable leaders and members, strategy, tactics and teamwork. Each member must know how to use his skills to the maximum and sacrifice himself for the greater good. By conquering the castle, one proves that his guild is, indeed, elite.

However, we're not going to talk about the usual Trojan War today - no, we're going to talk about a special event that is held in the context of this War: namely, "Honor for the King".

To be more precise, during this event, the guild leader who manages to capture the castle will get a reward, depending on how long he and his guild can keep the castle.

The event will last: US)From 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT(GMT-4) every Sunday night
                    (EU)From 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT(GMT-4) every Sunday

Players from all servers are welcomed to participate in this event, which will take place in South Island (X: 3902 Y: 3175).

Now, some information about the prizes that await the King of the Castle!

1. The Guild Lord whose guild seizes the castle for the first week will win the Magic Set Box.

2. The Guild Lord whose guild can maintain their occupation for 2 weeks continuously will win the Magic Set Box and 20 Credits.

3. The Guild Lord whose guild can maintain their occupation for 3 weeks continuously will win the Magic Set Box and 30 Credits.

4. The Guild Lord whose guild can maintain their occupation for 4 weeks continuously will win the Magic Set Box and 40 Credits.

5. We will have an interview with the Guild Lord who wins the Trojan War every week. And the related information will also be publicized on the official website.

6. The rewards will be given out during the maintenance the next Tuesday. Please make sure you have enough space in your bag.

So don't waste any more time and sign up for this event! If you haven't gotten involved in the Trojan War, it's about time you and your guild did, because awesome prizes are waiting for you.

Let the whole community of WLO know about your guild!
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  • abby617 Karma +10 nice report 9-21-2008 21:32


Interesting. Wonder who will be the winners.

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Guild Wars isn't as popular as I would want it to be, I'm afraid. I think the main reason for this is because most guilds think that the others are level 100+ and they don't stand a chance against those guilds.


yea..see not even many people..came only was..Tears of blood White dragons..and my guild RoyalKnight...level diffrence was so horrible ..from our lvls to tob x.x i wish more guilds Came..wasnt as muc fun as i hoped it to be~
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  • Hotaruchi Karma +10 Belated congrats, Lindz. :) 7-23-2012 20:06


Congratulations for winning. ^^


Ohh the trojan war!!!! and congrats!!!


well, yeah, not so many people joined. I was expected that many Guilds wanted to join in. Only two battles for the first day, and the second day was none.

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