[general chat] Where can i find elin? Help!

Where can i find elin? Help!

Hi!  I lost elin (she left me) and when i try to go back to where i got her, i cant go back? why is that? where can i get her back?  Itried getting the magnet key again but it's no use, the system still wont allow me go back to the ET spot where i got her.

Please help! Pleasseeee...

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All elin quests are glitched, so it figures that you can't get Elin back if she runs off.
Try getting her after the maintenance on tuesday. Maybe then it will work


Don't worry about it for now, k?

Getting Elin in general... (Idr the technical room terms so I'll use these in emphasis)
First: Get the "Simple Dress" in the 1st house to the right of Holy Ville's Entrance (same room where holy's villagers killed a northern villager and took away Roca). Build a Rope Ladder then go to down the Well located in the South-Eastern Mapped portion of Holy Ville (where an elderly woman exclaims that she hears something down the well). Also, DON'T FORGET TO GET AT LEAST ONE PET SPACE! xD

This is the room after you go down the well with the lever. Pull the lever to reveal more of the path. Go DOWN the STAIRS into RoomB1 (Basement1).
Solve the puzzle: Align the mirrors in which they reflect the concentrated ball of light against the ice chuck to defrost it. Once defrosted you can enter RoomB2 [Side Note: Click on the broken mirror about 10+ times in this room until you receive a "Forgotten Scroll". Untradable item that reverts one ability point to be reapplied onto another ability. Used once.]
Touch the treasure chest to initiate a battle. 3 lvl 60 Defensive Monsters (Troll-look alikes but entirely different) with about 9k hp, either Earth or No elements each. After you defeat them, click on the treasure chest to horde the goods. Main item you get to continue: Magic Key (i think xD)

*return back up the stairs into Room1 then South into the narrow path into Room2*
Finale battle are against 2 ETs lvl 71 about 3-6k hp (i forgot exactly how much), one Fire one Wind. They use Matk and have one attack that can attack one player along with their pet. After the battle, use the key to go into RoomE
Click on the controls in front of the screen to free Elin. Give the "Simple Dress" to Elin, see a small clip with her versus an alien (lawlz go elin! xD), talk to Elin again to get her in party.

If you thought that was hard, try her gun in Oslya (you must be at least lvl 30 to initiate the quest). Then try to get her chip (Elin must be at least lvl40). have fun. ^^

at least.. that is how it is done normally. in any case, I agree with Frey. There might be a glitch in which all the Elin quests are closed. So try again after a SC every Tuesday. Check the main site to see times and match that time with your time. In any case, try to work on other things other than anything regarding Elin. Until then, have fun.


thanks for the help.  Yep, it was just the glitch. so hopefully it will be fixed soon. thanks!


Well if she runned that means she went back to the place you got her that means fountain from Holy.
But if you get her back that dousn't garanteze you she isn't gonna leave again if you don't increase her amity.
Pets from -20 amity usually run or abandon you O_0



u can find elin at holy well,u need a rope ladder too ^^


Forgot tell..........

u need level 20+ to get elin cause if ur level 20- the e.t whont fight u ..good luck